We delve into her new Fast Forward Freelance course, the tech stack behind it, the transparency behind her Twitter annual reports and
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The Yo! Podcast with independent web designer Grace Walker is live and PACKED with value for anyone freelancing or creating courses.

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Below are my favorite websites, templates & finds featured on One Page Love since I last wrote.

Rob Hope Much love,
Rob Hope
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Get Inspired
One Page website inspiration.

Get inspired with these hand-picked Single Page websites I really enjoyed since I last wrote. View all recent entries.

Atoms Visit ➝
  Wonderfully creative website design in this Landing Page (built with Webflow) for Atoms, the official Atomic Habits app.  
Design Engineer Jobs  
Design Engineer Jobs Visit ➝
  Tidy little One Pager curating only high quality Design Engineer jobs.  
Vercel Ship  
Vercel Ship Visit ➝
  Impressive One Pager for the upcoming Vercel Ship event taking place in New York this May. The intro text and footer logo feature an awesome decomposed atom effect on hover.  
Alejandro Mejias  
Alejandro Mejias Visit ➝
  Fresh design with huge type in this One Pager (built with Framer) for freelance designer and creative Alejandro Mejias.  
Dropset Visit ➝
  Slick, dark-schemed One Pager (built with Webflow) for gym tracker app Dropset. What a great little nugget of social proof having an award wreath right under the headline text.  
Building ActivityPub  
Building ActivityPub Visit ➝
  Announcement One Pager by Ghost detailing how they are building an ActivityPub feed directly into Ghost to allow you to follow people, publications and topics from around the web.  
I get more done with: 9hrs sleep + 3hrs coding, than: 6hrs sleep + 6hrs coding
Digital Snacks
My favorite online finds.

A few resources for your next project but also some inspiring links to take a break with. Experienced anything special recently? Holla.

Google – First 25 Years art book Google – First 25 Years art book - Joao da Maia put together, what seems like, the highest quality book illustrating the big G's first 25 years.
visionOS Figma file visionOS Figma file - Mike Rundle breaks down the incredible design details behind a few components.
Landed: Copywriters Landed: Copywriters - A new service to help get copywriting help. The model is different. Starts at $3k/mo and ultra vetted. Really hope this does well.
Anonymously remaking street signs in NYC Anonymously remaking street signs in NYC - 51s short guaranteed to make you smile. More of this please everyone.
Imperia Ghost Theme ($79) Imperia Ghost Theme ($79) - Been ages since I enjoyed a magazine editorial-style template. Here we are. Perfect for a travel blog.
Papyrus Part 2 Papyrus Part 2 - In case you are not 1 of the 5m people who have watched this SNL skit, I'm dropping it here.
Homecomputer Fonts Homecomputer Fonts - Sixtyfour and Workbench designed by Jens Kutílek, are inspired by the old Raster CRT Typography.
UIMG UIMG - A new resource for royalty-free AI-gen'd stock photos.
Hues & Gradients Figma Plugin Hues & Gradients Figma Plugin - Explore color hues/shades/tones & gradients directly in Figma for fresh color palettes.
Featured Image Source
Really like how newer indie hackers are less "our product will revolutionize X and make the world a better place" and more "here’s a cool thing we made it costs $whatever brb shipping more stuff"
Validate Faster
Landing Page Templates.

Here are the Landing Page templates I really enjoyed recently. These are great to validate your next idea quicker. View all recent templates.

Dann Good Coffee  
Dann Good Coffee Webflow Template Demo Clone Free
Dina WordPress Theme Demo Buy $58
Lorelai Webflow Template Demo Clone $24
Yo! Podcast Interview
Meet Grace Walker

Meet Grace Walker - an independent web designer, developer and course creator. For years she has been delivering high quality websites to her clients and has earned her a reputation as an S-tier freelancer in the Webflow community.

 Meet Grace Walker

We delve into her new Fast Forward Freelance course, the tech stack behind it, the transparency behind her Twitter annual reports and we get creative with a fun case-study on how Grace would execute a local deli website redesign from concept to deployment.

Watch here, or listen on Spotify, Apple or Google.

Our Yo! S3 Guests:

28 Mar - Dann Petty (watch)
10 Apr - Rogie King (watch)
23 Apr - Grace Walker (watch)
07 May - Mike McAlistair
21 May - Gal Shir
04 Jun - Vijay Verma
18 Jun - Pablo Stanley
02 Jul - Rasmus Andersson
16 Jul - Harry Dry

Landing Page Hot Tip
Add a splash of color

Hot Tip #37 is to add a splash of color.

A burst on a Landing Page can command attention and add excitement.

Private: Add a splash of color

Private: Add a splash of color

Private: Add a splash of color

And when excited, we tend to try new things.

ps. I've curated 880+ Colorful Landing Pages here.